The Beauty of Odd Flowers & Our First Anniversary Episode!

This podcast is one year old! Can you believe it!?

I’m thrilled to share this very special birthday episode with today’s very special guest, Andrea Boston. She’s a storyteller who asks the question: How can we turn the things that make us feel different or alone in the world into something beautiful?

We talk about Andrea’s projects: books, films, pop up events! And we talk about what it’s like to go from being in a job that really doesn’t work for us to one that does. But what I love most about this episode is the idea that when we share our stories and hold space for others to do the same? Well, it can be the very thing that helps us heal.

It’s a conversation I think we could all use. Especially now.


Andrea’s website
Andrea’s instagram
Sunsets Baltimore

Must Reads (with a few notes from Andrea):

New York Magazine“They do a great job covering culture and boosting vocabularies.”
Oprah Magazine“Mama O is my fave.”
Their Eyes Were Watching God
The Bluest Eye“Her words felt like home.”

And for an extra special bonus she recommends checking out Well Read Black Girl