Community Now

It’s a weird thing to have a blog in a post-blog world. No one reads these things anymore and yet, I feel like we still need them. Or maybe it’s that I think we need them again. I think we need each other’s stories — we need that connection.

This past election season was brutal no matter how you slice it. It appears that 50% of Americans are completely out of touch with the other 50% of Americans. Although, I’m hopeful we have more in common than being removed from one another.

For instance, I think we can all agree on a few things:

– Brunch is the best meal of the day.
– Dresses with pockets are superior to dresses without pockets.
– Three bullet points are all you really need.

I wonder if we can also agree on that given all the available ways to connect now, we’re actually, in some ways at least, more disconnected.

All of this is a long rambling way to say, I’m craving connection — here and out there.

So expect to see me more here. I can’t guarantee that I’ll always have something brilliant to say, but I will keep showing up.