Finding Your Edge

Jennifer Calderon is a photographer in Los Angeles and a Live a Great Story ambassador. Her work includes gorgeous shots of celebrities, filmmakers, families, people on a journey, and general California cool.

For years, she’s chosen a word around the new year to help drive her forward in her evolution. This year’s word? Edges.

And to find her edges she’s taking on the highest summit in the contiguous United States: Mount Whitney.

I reached out to Jenn because I’ve followed her progress as she trains and am intrigued by the idea of a personal quest, and a physical one at that, having a ripple effect across all aspects of one’s being—spiritually, emotionally, and even professionally—which is one of the big reasons Jenn is taking this challenge on.

I found this whole conversation absolutely fascinating and can’t wait for you to hear all the nuggets of wisdom in this one. It’ll challenge the way you think about strength across all areas of our lives.

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