Frankly, My Dear, You Should Give a D*mn

The rules of polite engagement say you should avoid talking about three things: money, religion, and politics. But what if the human disconnect we’re feeling can be reversed by talking about and understanding politics in a different way? Not as a team sport, but as a discussion about how it can meet the needs of those it was designed to address: our human community.

In this episode, I’m joined by nuclear non-proliferation policy expert, Laicie Heeley. She’s a woman on a mission to humanize national security and foreign policy issues with her latest venture, Inkstick. And this January, she’s launching a brand new podcast with PRI called Things That Go Boom. We discuss politics, if there’s anything we can collectively agree on, and being a female voice in a male-dominated field. I also get her to talk me off the ledge of fear.