Heck Yeah You Can! Some Brilliant Thoughts on Confidence

Today’s show is dedicated to confidence!

Like everything else, it’s simply a skill. And because it’s a skill, you know what that means? That means, dammit, we can learn it!

Tami Hackbarth is the 100% guilt-free self-care coach. She’s taken a fascinating career path from working on the hill in DC, to teaching third graders, to becoming a yoga instructor. Along each step of her journey, she’s dedicated herself to helping women (and children) live the best life possible.

She joins me for a talk about confidence, what it is, debunking some confidence myths, tips for flexing our confident muscle and the intersection of confidence and self-compassion.

This is an episode for any of us who might be struggling in the go-get-’em-tiger department.

You got this!

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