Parenthood: The Good, The Honest, and What Comes Next?

You ever meet someone and just know you’ll be friends? Well that’s what happened with today’s guest. My friend Bhek Simmons and I bonded during a parade through a town where both of us felt like outsiders. And because we’re both the types that love to get everything out in the open and aren’t afraid of uncomfortable conversations we struck up an immediate friendship.

Bhek and his wife Allison are two of my favorite people and not only are they funny and honest and real, they’re incredible parents. I look up to them both in so many ways.

So in celebration of both our nearly decade of friendship AND it being father’s day right around the corner, I’ve asked Bhek to swing by and share his story including a discovery about his dad that changed the course of his life to the rise of feminine energy (he’s definitely a guy who ain’t afraid of it) and how being raised by a tough NJ broad shaped how he parents his daughters.

And by the way, we’re catching Bhek on the heels of a huge moment: his youngest daughter just graduated from high school and is heading off to college. There’s a moment in this episode where she reveals a message to her dad during the recessional and… well… I can tell you this, there were tears in both of our eyes as he recounted the story. It’s beautiful.

So buckle up, buttercups! This is a show about fathers, graduations, and new beginnings.

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