The Art of Living Forward

Hey there and welcome to episode 26! You’re in for a massive treat today. We’re talking with Dani Yarusso. Dani is the entrepreneur behind Arrow, the destination yoga adventure company. Arrow combines the healing art of self-(re)discovery with the mind-expanding nature of travel.

Think sun salutations in Bali, downward dog in Costa Rica, giving thanks for the balance of the universe in Morocco, flowing with the waves off the coast of South Africa as we learn to flow with the waves of life.

I’m feeling the gratitude already!

Dani is the type of person who dives right in. There’s no holding back with her and that’s how this conversation starts off. With complete openness. An openness that comes from feeling deeply comfortable in your own skin.

But it wasn’t always like that for Dani. And even she’ll admit that it’s not always like that now. But, in the midst of the muck that lives inside all of our heads, she’s been able to find compassion for herself and a way to help keep her living forward.

In this episode of the podcast, Dani shares her experience as she transitioned from living a life that was dangerously out of balance to one that loving embraced all that she is and how she found her strength after returning to her core.


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