What Happens When Two People Put Down their Phones and Start Getting Real

This is the true story, of two strangers, standing in line at a donut shop, who agree to sit down in a house and have their conversation taped. Find out what happens, when two people put down their phones and start getting real…

With the rise in algorithms, personality-based targeted marketing, and the general all-around noisiness of being online I wonder if we’re missing the magic of meeting someone just by chance?

This episode is dedicated to chance encounters; meeting someone new. A stranger! What would we have in common? What would be different? Would we have anything to talk about?

It’s kinda like a podcast take on The Real World.

This week’s guest is Nakeia Monte. We met in line waiting for coffee. We struck up a conversation, started following each other on Instagram and now, almost a year later, I’ve invited her over to my house to record a conversation about how we’re alike, how we’re not, and how exactly we arrived here.

This one is full of juicy goodness! We talk career paths, religion, relationships, and oh so much more.